Welcome to the world of Promat!

At Promat Inc. we've always thought carpet protectors were a great idea, we simply thought it was time to introduce a more user friendly, high quality Peel & Stick product with branding capabilities!

Life Saving DesignWe are excited to introduce to you a revolutionary product that will help you keep the interiors of your inventory free of crumbled up paper mats and bunched ineffective vinyl roll off carpet protectors once and for all. PROMAT'S Professional Grade Peel & Stick Ventilated Vinyl Carpet Protectors are fast becoming the new industry standard for automotive carpet protectors. Engineered and Manufactured specifically for the auto industry, the Promat product was designed to stay in place by using the highest quality vinyls and adhesives available.

PROMAT INC. helps Manufacture CPO Programs and Dealers get a competitive edge on all fronts – brand value, promotional clarity, and durability – all at a vast savings compared to traditional carpet-protecting methods. What can a PROMAT do for you? Besides protecting your inventory from the moment of inception to the completion of sale, Promat can professionally print in full color your corporate brand/message on every Promat. This creates a powerful first impression for your customers to experience, thereby building value and customer confidence which will greatly help your sales people get that competitive advertised price. Explore our website for a more in-depth look at PROMAT and the people behind it.

Our Mission

Since the conception of our company, our mission is to deliver exceptional service and quality product for our customers to experience. To help managers keep the interiors clean and consistent throughout their inventory. To help our customers eliminate the worries of crumbled up paper mats and bunched up traditional roll off vinyl carpet protectors caused by a simple test drive. To offer a true exceptional product worthy of your corporate brand.

PROMAT INC. wants to help put an end to that moment of aggravation when a customer gets tangled in a crumpled up paper or vinyl carpet protector. At Promat Inc. we want to help you create a great first impression for your customer to experience when looking in your interiors, online and on the lot! Our product quality and function speaks for itself. Contact us with our form online Contact Form, by emailing the Director, Steve Step at: SteveStep@2promat.com, or give us a call at: 1-612-562-2543 to see how PROMATs can benefit your dealership, automotive auction house or detailing facility. We make it easy for you to order!

    Life Saving Product!
  1. Upload your logo
  2. We send you a proof
  3. You okay the proof and send back
  4. We print and ship

Your Brand

At PROMAT INC. we believe a well-prepared and well-presented vehicle sells faster. Your customer’s first impression should be just that – IMPRESSED. Your Corporate Logo/Message on a Promat is like a stamp of approval and will help build additional value and customer confidence online and on the lot.

How does this benefit you?

Think of it this way:

  • Cobalt observes 500 million vehicle inventory searches per year.
  • Edmond receives 200 million page views per month.
  • Autotrader reports one million unique visitors per day!

Imagine your dealership not only being featured by your third-party vendor with normal vehicle displays, but being featured once more when a customer clicks through that vehicle’s pictures. Your Corporate Brand on a PROMAT will be right there – recapturing the customer’s attention and consideration.

It's never been more imperative for the dealers to present the inventory to the best of their ability, Promat's Pro-Grade Peel & Stick Vented Vinyl Carpet Protectors are manufactured specifically for the automotive industry, designed to stay in place until the vehicle is sold!

Using carpet protectors has always been a good idea, but today we are selling in a new era and really need to take it to the next level. Remember – if you want your inventory to look its best - put PROMAT to the test.

Promotional Clarity Starts Here

Life Saving Messages!PROMAT helps you deliver your message clearly via branding, function and convenient use.

Once upon a time an auto carpet protector was just that, a carpet protector, with a simple purpose of protecting the carpet from the soil and wear of drivers’ shoes. Building upon this original protective purpose our contemporary carpet protector serves various additional interests including budget. PROMAT reflects an integrated experience of auto detailing and sales. A well prepared car sells better. The PROMAT car sells best! Our carpet protector is a must for any premium detail procedure, assuring the best outcomes for vehicle readiness and customer first impression. Our carpet protector assures a photo-friendly result is achieved with minimum time and effort, saving you money before your prospect even begins to savor the idea of driving off the lot. This photo impact is absolutely key for today’s internet shopper, whose experience of the buying process may turn out to be entirely online. How effectively you serve the increasing numbers of these customers will depend primarily on how they’re gripped by the pictures you post online.

(Whether you plan to photograph the result of your own detal process, or the already detailed vehicles your selling, that final touch of showing you brand as your Stamp Of Approval, will be your customers first impression of your product. Remember, a favorable first impression will keep the customer focused on your product and will weigh heavily on the customer's final buying decision, both in person and online.)

Branding with PROMAT, Professional Grade Vented Carpet Protectors will give your customers a powerful first impression that will speak volumes about the quality of your dealership service and support. Today Promat is fast becoming the New Industry Standard for carpet protectors. Your customers will remember something different about your cars, something intangible, yet extremely important. They were not bothered by shuffling paper under their feet, or a dangerous test drive with a bunched up carpet protector underfoot.